Owl Eye Photos is the wife/husband team of Leah and Ryan Stohs. We both grew up immersed in music and the arts and met each other in 1995 performing drums and percussion with the Santa Clara Vanguard. After touring the country through 3 years of drum corps (and getting to know the best and worst of each other), we knew we were destined to hang out for the rest of our lives... and now we've been married for 19 years. 
We've spent over a dozen years living and working in San Jose, CA, the same city where we met and created our family: Anna (11) - a kind, bright, funny artist and musician; and Riley (8) - our joyful, creative, clever little guy on the autism spectrum - always keeping us on our toes while simultaneously keeping us grounded. 
Owl Eye family shoot:  Ryan, Leah, Anna, and Riley in our backyard...  doing what we do
We've always believed in the importance (necessity) of music and art in the world and have dedicated our lives to pursuing our passions and talents together. Both of us have worked as music teachers and professional musicians, and Leah as an artist and photographer.
 I (Leah) have been fascinated by and rather obsessed with photography ever since I can remember. After studying, practicing, and shooting photo jobs on the side for well over a decade, I have finally decided to pursue a photography career full time... with Ryan's encouragement, much needed tech-support, and his additional artistic eye.
We offer our photography services in the San Jose, Santa Cruz, and the SF Bay Area (and beyond) as Owl Eye Photos, and have been blessed to already have met and photographed some wonderful clients, as well as worked with local nonprofits and charities on various projects. Our goal as a photography team and as a family is to help others, thrive, learn from every opportunity, and share our work as far as it can go.
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