strangers near the beach
As I sat with my son on a bench near the beach (say that 5 times fast) I decided to take photos of (all of the people who walked past our perch, heading to) the ocean. I ended up really enjoying the moments I captured... all from that one spot on a bench.
we didn't go to the beach
We went to a bench near the beach... because, well... autism. :)
test promo shot of my favorite drummer
This guy right here is my favorite drummer and I'm lucky to have to ability grab my camera and help promote his awesomeness. This is a bit of a test shot for some ideas we're working on for his promos and a new web site, so keep your eyes peeled to see what we come up with... but I'm loving this shot right now, so it might make the cut... we'll see. ;)
bird-watching at Target
It was about to rain and we were sitting in the car in the Target parking lot on our phones... avoiding the inevitable walk through the store's bright lights and dance music they're pumping through the speakers these days...
me & my owl eye
You know the saying - you get out of a business what you put into it - well, the "put" for my beloved owl eye photos has been a bit "kaput" lately...
a little mini-portrait session on my kitchen table with my beautiful kitty, meg
sjsu national school walkout
Though I saw more umbrellas than signs, students and supporters at SJSU joined the rest of the nation in the National School Walkout this morning. I decided to grab my cameras and head downtown to support and capture our part of the movement raising our voices against gun violence.
windy hill
I found myself in Portola Valley today with my camera and an hour to kill, so I introduced myself to the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. I was only there for about 45 minutes but the beauty of this place was extremely easy to find. I will definitely be returning.
sonic runway + friends & family
The Sonic Runway is a temporary art installation at San Jose City Hall that ended a few days ago... and reminded me that I needed to post these awesome moments I captured when we took the kids to check it out last month.
self portrait therapy
When life gets to be too much and you start to feel like you're losing touch, a little self portrait session can do wonders - I put my camera on our picnic table, set to capture multiple self-portraits for 5 min., aimed at an old office chair near my son & his balloons - and this is what I got.
rosie's quinceanera
Last month I had the pleasure of shooting my very good friends' daughter's Quinceanera - had to share my favorite photos of one of my favorite families on their awesome day - Part 1 of 2
feathers of fury
The Annual Downtown San Jose Pillow Fight! Every year Anna and I dance through feathers and smack people with pillows at this photographers' dream event...
pre-braces portraits
We headed over to SJSU campus to capture some of the last smiles before this lovely young lady got her braces on - "Pre-Braces Portraits" are a thing, right? They should be!
Riley's fortune
Riley made a joke!!! an awesome moment I had to share :)
owl eye life: not a blog ...just our life
An intro to owl eye & what to expect here. Hahaha! Just kidding. We have no idea what to expect.
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